2024 Notion life planner template for creatives

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Kick-off 2024 in the most productive way possible - both for your creative process and the rest of your life. You get all of the functionality you need, with none of the complications.

This all-in-one, out-of-the-box Notion template will help you keep everything organized and on track in your content career and your personal life.

Many of the Notion templates out there require a lot of customization that you probably don't have time to do in your busy life. This one comes pretty much ready-to-go, and any places where customization is needed, clear instructions are given in drop-downs at the top of the page. You can go from download to in-action within minutes!

This planner includes:
- Dated monthly and weekly planners with a live task system that is fully integrated into all other pages

For your content business:
- A content system to help you organize your ideas and your entire creation process
- An inspiration database
- A contact system to keep track of all contacts and collaborators
- A brand kit for internal and external reference
- A password manager
- A full project dashboard with streamlined templates

For your personal life:
- An action-based goal tracker
- A could-do list to help you stay on top of those non-urgent tasks you're not ready to take on
- A "piggy bank" to help you track savings goals
- A searchable, sortable journal
- Wish lists/shopping lists that you can integrate with Google chrome plugins
- A recipe database
- A database of activities, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops you want to visit, both in your city and travel destinations


Q: How does this work?
A: Once you purchase, you'll get the link to the template. If you have a notion account (it's free!) you should be prompted to duplicate the template to your workspace. From there, you're free to customize to your heart's content.

Q: Will I be getting a physical product?
A: Nope! This is all digital, so that means no waiting for shipping. You get your product right away!

Q: Can I customize this template?
A: Sure! Be careful with some formulas, because you may break things. But feel free to remove certain pages or add new pages that you may need. I just ask that you please don't distribute any customized versions of this template, since it is based on my original work.

Q: I'm so confused and overwhelmed by Notion. I'm hesitant to download, should I?
A: I get it, Notion is a tricky beast. This template is made to be as simple to jump into as possible, and I tried to include instructions at any points that it may be tricky in any way. If you're having trouble still, I'd definitely recommend diving into some Notion tutorials on Youtube. Better Creating is the channel that kicked off my love for Notion!

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A full system to keep your creative, business, and personal life organized in Notion

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2024 Notion life planner template for creatives

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